The Numbers Game - Luck or Skill ?

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Many of us has tried out the "game of numbers" at least once in our life. In schools, community games, public gatherings or betting shops. But most of us just "guess" the numbers, be it a 1,2,3 or 4 digits. Of course there are other variants but we shall not go into it.We are only trying to analyse the simple logic of increasing our chances of correctly "predicting" certain numbers or sets of numbers.How do we choose a set of numbers?

Either one or more of the following methods.

1. Base on our birthdays.
2. Using house addresses, street names or numbers.
3. A lucky number from an "unlucky" car accident. (Popular Malaysian method)
4. Consult an "expert" or a "medium".
5. Use a "number generator" tool.
6. Simple guessing.
7. Analyse past records and patterns.

FACT - Any of these methods do not guarantee the outcome of PREDICTING numbers ! PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND.

The global financial crisis we are facing now has taken a toll on all of us. So if you think you can become rich by splashing your hard earn money on numbers betting game then I feel sorry for you.I would advice you keep it for good use and if you really want to try your luck, take only a small amount out and play smart thus increasing your chances. It is not easy to predict numbers! Con-men in this game is precisely that..........they are "con-men" not numerologist! If there is a way, would anyone tell you? Las Vegas casinos will close down tomorrow if one is that smart.HOW TO PLAY SMART.Most people just guess because they do not know how to analyse datas.

I started computing at college and later University of London. I was reading Particle Physics and later on, Engineering. Bill Gates just started a program called "Windows". Nobody in our computing class was interested because it uses too much "ram space" on our microcomputers. To purchase an additional 1k of ram was pricey. My desire was to have additional Eprom chips because it was programmable and non-volatile. For your information, Windows was free then. I had an Ohio Scientific with only 8k ram. I wrote many games ( checking book, space invaders, poker, snake, virtual intelligence where a computer "talks" back and answers any questions you ask him ,...etc...etc.... besides utility programs all under 8k of memory. At the same time I also started writing a program to analyse and predict numbers to see if indeed it is possible; just for fun.

Year after year I improved on my program and now I use it as a tool. Still changing and improving it every now and then ( you need to because it changes patterns every so often). The analytical data results tells me which groups of numbers will have a very high chance of appearing and which group will not.I am not teaching you programming but just to let you know nobody knows how to predict numbers. Not even my programs. But knowing I have a better chance of hitting a set of numbers pays off and I do have had many payouts with my programs.You don't get rich but you stand a better chance of hitting a Winning in Magnum, 3D or Toto 4D or lotto.

I will tell you how to analyse certain groups of numbers to increase your chances so you will not simply throw away hard earn cash in my next blog. I will tell you what I have learned from my analytical data so you can analyse yourself to stand a better WINNING CHANCE.

Things you MUST know before throwing away your money.

1) Repeating digit numbers (e.g. 1111, 4444, 5555) has a lesser chance of coming out.
2) All ODD or all EVEN numbers has the same fate as repeating numbers.
3) Never GUESS a winning number. You are not GOD.
If you want to, then don't play.
4) Always look for patterns in each draw. (It determines whether you win or lose)
5) Never place big amounts on only one number but spread out to increase your chances.
6) Believe your own methods but learn from others.
7) Recently drawn numbers seldom come out again so soon
8) There are "black holes" in certain groups. Avoid black holes altogether.(more on these in next blog)
9) Don't "brood" a number for too long. Brooding means playing same number until it appears.
10) Save some of your winnings.Do not splash it all on the next draw.

Next blog will elaborate more on :-

1) how to read analytical datas
2) how to make a simple "numbers generator" - smarter !
3) how to choose winning numbers.

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I am also writing an E-BOOK on my findings from my programs. It explains the oddity and peculiarity of this numbers game. Some said there is a " formula " to play the game; yet others said they can predict numbers.Are they telling the truth ? Is there any truth in their claims?Is there really a simple way to understand and hopefully find a simple answer to better our chances of WINNING ?Can a number repeat itself ?Is there really " Black hole " numbers ?Will a number eventually appear if I keep buying the same number?Is there a method we can use ?How do we tell which groups are a better bet?All these will be in my E-Book and some other things you never really believe either.There are lots of programs (which cost a fair bit too ) claiming they have found fool-proof methods. I have tested many of them and one or two of these impresses me. The rest are not even worth mentioning. Which are they? Can we win Lotto games ? I will let you know when the book is finished. It reveals many of the " scams " and how they prey on our vulnerability. Like I said some are pretty good.

Wish you BEST of LUCK with your numbers! I hope you win often.

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Post by Allan.

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First, a little story. I used to know an elderly lady who enjoys going to casinos. She said she had so much fun because she knows how to pick a winning number always! I ask her how she knew. She coyly smiled at me and said " That's my secret young man !"
I found out later she lays a bet of $1 on every number on the casino table! I questioned her the logic of such a move. She ask me back " Have you ever picked a winning number?". I replied " Once in a while". She continued and remarked, "See, you are not as smart as I am! I ALWAYS picked a winning number!".
The difference between her and us are that WE are greedy and she is out for fun. It is this difference that gives us the high odds. If the odds are lower and if we have a better chance of coming up with a winner, then we feel happier.

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