I hit 5 Winners for 4D Numbers Lottery.

No guides or tips today or for next week. I already won 13 times this month and I need to calculate for next week's draw. I want to hit 20 winners this month for Magnum, Toto and Damacai. Moreover my programs are indicating there is a great probability that there are some 1st. Prize and 2nd.Prize numbers coming up. I have to start punching those numbers and identify which numbers are those.

Today I won in all the 4D lotteries of Magnum, Toto and also Damacai. I had 5 winning numbers, visit my other blog to view my winning tickets.

There are also some additional data I need to incorporate into my program to give me better odds.

Winning tickets

I have been pretty busy the last few months but I have begun updating some more infos and also created another blog where I posts my winning tickets and proofs. I started the update some time in November last year and have also given some tips on some winning numbers. Even the programs have had some additional tweaks added to make it more fun and accurate to predict certain groups.

I tested the new programs and I have had very good luck with it too. How good? How about hitting 7 to 8 winners in one month! I also have had some 1st. prize winners and 3rd.prize winners and numerous starters and consolations.

Just go over to my other blog http://www.howtowin4dlottery.blogspot.com/ and see all my winning tickets! This month alone I had 8 winning numbers! I was having lots of fun playing these 4D numbers and so accurate.But I am still doing additional tweaking to my programs.

It is still the same method I gave here except with some minor adjustments to make the calculations more precise. At this point I cannot reveal the actual program that I have written but, I did give some tips on some numbers to play and most of these numbers have won! New tips and methods will still be posted in this blog but if you require some new numbers to play, you should go there. You will be surprised as to how many times I have struck winning numbers.

Now its year 2010 in the month of January and I have already won 8 times! Occasionally I will give out some numbers to play too.

How to Pick Winning Numbers.
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