How to win 4D and Pick4 games

We mentioned in the earlier post on how to choose 3D and Pick3 numbers. Now we shall come to the game of 4D or Pick4. Choosing numbers for 4D is no different from choosing for 3D. In fact the procedure is pretty much the same. There is however one very big difference with regards to winning chances. I tend to have better luck with 4D than 3D. The reason is quite obvious.

For a 3D number selection, there are only 3 digits. So when we play a set of 3D numbers, the combinations tend to re-surface after a short while. That is why when I say you MUST let go of a combination after 3 weeks, then you must let go because this combination will start re-appearing again. But it may also NOT re-appear. After two weeks, most of our chosen numbers should have had a "hit" by now. For those who still need time to come out, these numbers are referred to as "cold". Some people write their programs base on these late comers but they refer to them as "hot" numbers. The fact that these last remaining residual combinations have not have a hit yet, then it's obvious the will come out sooner or later. I don' agree totally. It's true that at times I re-assigned late comers status to "hot" numbers , but it all depends on situations. Normally I check through my results after applying at least 10 filters and if these have a high frequency of "hits" in the past, I will upgrade their status to "hot".

If you go to my previous posts you would have re-called that I have a category called the "black hole" numbers. Indeed these numbers exist. Whether we like it or not, a game of chance is still a game of chance. If the numbers follows a mathematical rule, how nice my job will be. For it will become PREDICTABLE! But it's not predictable.

If after filtering, there seems to be no real good chance for these late comers of possibly getting a hit, I will regard them as a "black hole". It will then not worth your while to "brood" these numbers. You are better off playing a set of new numbers.

When I mentioned 4D has a better chance of you hitting, it is because these combinations and groupings do not come out so fast. In about weeks period, only 60% of our chosen numbers of maybe 10 groups may have already have a hit. No doubt the remaining 40% may or may not contain a "black hole" number. But by now we are only left a small handful of numbers. So if we "boxed" these 2 or 3 numbers, we have a very good chance of bagging a winner. As always, during the "harvesting" period filters have to be applied to wage only on the good ones. Like harvesting apples, we discard "over riped" and not "well formed" fruits. We only sell nice, rounded and juicy apples.

How to find the patterns for these 4D numbers .......

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