How to choose Winning numbers.

How does one choose a number that will have a very good chance of coming out in the next draw?. Many of us will just use a random number; others will base on certain events such as birthdays, weddings, etc...

But the most significant of all these methods and its accuracy, you really have to give all the credits to those " seasoned " punters. From my experimental " data crunching " in the early years of my programs, many of the patterns that keep coming out to determine which methods or groupings that one should play reflects the similarity that these punters used.

Which method should one adopt to acquire the high probability of cashing in on a winning number? If you are a punter, you will know that you cannot pin-point a particular number as a winning number. There always will be a "pattern". In other words, one has to put in a few dollars extra to " catch " that " winner ". All these holds true, for this was what my programs indicated when showing me a pattern that is worth investing.

Laying out the "Net"

I call it netting for obvious reasons. Since we know for certain that we can't really predict a winning number, we can try to net that elusive winning number from a " winning group" if we are quite certain that winning group has a probability of 80% and above.

Let's give a simple example.

If I say the " Winner " is in a group with 100% probability, you would go for it.
But when I tell you this grouping comprises of 10,000 numbers, you will think twice!

Now, if I tell you the " Winner" is in a group with 80% - 95% probability, you may go for it.
And if I tell you this grouping has only 100 numbers, what would you say? It is much easier to get a " Hit " with this group than the other.

The Wheeling Method.
The "wheel" is the most common method among punters. It produces many "winners" in 3D, 4D and lotto games. In fact, if one has to play Toto's Jackpot6/42, Super 6/49 or Mega 6/52 or any other lotto games, this is the only recommended strategy. It gives you a higher probability and if you need an even higher probability, then you MUST form a syndicate. Individually you cannot afford a " wheel " to have a very high winning chance ( usually picking 20 numbers out of 42, almost half of all numbers !)

That is why punters and lottery programs uses this so much to emphasize their winning success methods.

There are many types of wheels and each has their own guarantees.

Here I am giving you a "free wheel" to play for 3D numbers.
Of course there are other wheels with different guarantees.

Choose any 5 numbers. Replace the alphabets with your chosen number.
It should give you a minimum of 2 correct numbers if you you have 2 in your "pick"

Choose your 5 numbers A, B, C, D, E



How to play: If play straight at $1 per number- cost- $5.
If Boxed at $1 per number - cost - $5 x 6ways = $30

If requires wheel for 6,7,8 or 9 numbers, please email me. Will appreciate a donation if you like my post.

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Hope best of luck.

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