How to Pick 3D Lottery Numbers.

How to win 3D lottery and how to pick 3D winning numbers? We don't simply pick but rather deduce the equation more to our favour. That is to say, we move or should I say increase our winning chances very much higher so the chances of hitting a small jackpot is more real and not just a mere guess.

I share my methods below which I use EVERY TIME when playing the 3D and 4D game. Its a very good system and you will find you WILL get some winnings every now and then. Of course I am at a better position because as I have said before, I feed my numbers into my programs to weed out those undesirables. It also details the numbers-grouping individually and give me a breakdown providing me information detailing "% probability of a hit" for each number, "period of harvesting" (it just mean when it should be coming out). When the "fruits are ready for picking", then will I put in my wager. Just use my system for the time being and practice "picking good numbers".

Here is the current draw for 3D Damacai for June 2009. Look at it carefully and see if you find a give-away pattern you can identify.

In Damacai there are 3 draws every week unless there is a "special draw" usually on a Tuesday. All draws must be included in order for this system to work. When you analyse, always pick 6 draws period. After you have found your "pattern" you pick winners from a 3 draws period. If you go beyond this threshold, other patterns re-appear and confuse your actual pattern which you want to play.
A Pattern Has Been Identified!
If you have not seen a pattern, here is the pattern. In any given draw, my grouping is always there. This group of numbers are 2b1s/2s1b.
2b1s - 2big 1small
2s1b - 2small 1 big
In every draw there is either a group belonging to 2b1s or 2s1b. In the 6 draws, 6 winning numbers belongs to 2s1b and 7 winning numbers belongs to 2b1s.
If we were to play this grouping, we would have won 13 times! Even if we just play either 2s1b or 2b1s, we would have won at least 6 TIMES! On average that is once in every draw. So if we just play either 2s1b OR 2b1s, we are almost GUARANTEED a "hit" in every draw. Playing 2big 1small is easier than playing 1/10,000 numbers! The next stage is "filtering". This is where my programs kicks-in. It goes through 3 YEARS of data and start "kicking" out those numbers that shouldn't be there. The result is a group or series of numbers that shows 80% and above probability. Sometimes it can be 5 to 10 numbers but its much, much better compare to 1 in 10,000.
Unfortunately my programs are NOT for sale either now or in the near future. However, I will sell my E-Book which includes more in detail how its done and many other methods which the program incorporates which YOU can emulate without the program. If you are a computer programmer, you will be able to write your own to do the same chores. If you want a set of 10 numbers "filtered" by my programs to play, you can submit a donation of US5.00 here. Numbers are good to play for up to 3 weeks after which the probability drops gradually. Countries which uses Pick3 and Pick4 systems MUST provide me with 15 draws result up to the current draw or your donations WILL not be accepted. As a BONUS in my eBook, buyers will be able download from an underground site an expensive lottery program which I consider very good. You can add in your own draws data in any country to predict winning numbers for Pick3, Pick4, 6/49 Lottos (or any other Lottos). No guarantee the site will allow you in without recommendations. Any donations of $10 will get a third party recommendation and set of 10 numbers. Rejection by the site will get your $5.00 refund back.
My eBook should be ready by August and I will also give away 3 of my earlier version programs. It still does the same thing like predict numbers, checking frequency or computing probabilities and percentages of "hitting a winner". It was written in Qbasic language. You can alter, modify or do whatever you want and keep it and sell as your own program under your own copyright. Or you can buy it now for $9.90 and I will send it to you. Its easy even if you don't know programming.
Please take note the guides and methods used here does not constitute a guaranteed winning in ANY lottery games. Lottery being a game of chance is not hackable, nor can any programs guarantee winning. It merely increases a person's chances. Play at your own discretion. And form of gambling is strongly discouraged unless for fun and entertainment.
Happy Winning!

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