I hit 5 Winners for 4D Numbers Lottery.

No guides or tips today or for next week. I already won 13 times this month and I need to calculate for next week's draw. I want to hit 20 winners this month for Magnum, Toto and Damacai. Moreover my programs are indicating there is a great probability that there are some 1st. Prize and 2nd.Prize numbers coming up. I have to start punching those numbers and identify which numbers are those.

Today I won in all the 4D lotteries of Magnum, Toto and also Damacai. I had 5 winning numbers, visit my other blog to view my winning tickets.

There are also some additional data I need to incorporate into my program to give me better odds.

Winning tickets

I have been pretty busy the last few months but I have begun updating some more infos and also created another blog where I posts my winning tickets and proofs. I started the update some time in November last year and have also given some tips on some winning numbers. Even the programs have had some additional tweaks added to make it more fun and accurate to predict certain groups.

I tested the new programs and I have had very good luck with it too. How good? How about hitting 7 to 8 winners in one month! I also have had some 1st. prize winners and 3rd.prize winners and numerous starters and consolations.

Just go over to my other blog http://www.howtowin4dlottery.blogspot.com/ and see all my winning tickets! This month alone I had 8 winning numbers! I was having lots of fun playing these 4D numbers and so accurate.But I am still doing additional tweaking to my programs.

It is still the same method I gave here except with some minor adjustments to make the calculations more precise. At this point I cannot reveal the actual program that I have written but, I did give some tips on some numbers to play and most of these numbers have won! New tips and methods will still be posted in this blog but if you require some new numbers to play, you should go there. You will be surprised as to how many times I have struck winning numbers.

Now its year 2010 in the month of January and I have already won 8 times! Occasionally I will give out some numbers to play too.

How to Pick Winning Numbers.
Choosing a winning number can be daunting. No doubt I have written my own programs and so far have great success over it but, I do look at what others have come up with when trying to pick a winner. There is one place worth mentioning and maybe you should take a closer look at their methods. Lets be honest, you can't expect to win something for nothing. Sometimes a very small amount of investment is needed. But when you finally found a good method, it will repeatedly pay you. Read about this method which I find very good or click here.

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How to win 4D and Pick4 games

We mentioned in the earlier post on how to choose 3D and Pick3 numbers. Now we shall come to the game of 4D or Pick4. Choosing numbers for 4D is no different from choosing for 3D. In fact the procedure is pretty much the same. There is however one very big difference with regards to winning chances. I tend to have better luck with 4D than 3D. The reason is quite obvious.

For a 3D number selection, there are only 3 digits. So when we play a set of 3D numbers, the combinations tend to re-surface after a short while. That is why when I say you MUST let go of a combination after 3 weeks, then you must let go because this combination will start re-appearing again. But it may also NOT re-appear. After two weeks, most of our chosen numbers should have had a "hit" by now. For those who still need time to come out, these numbers are referred to as "cold". Some people write their programs base on these late comers but they refer to them as "hot" numbers. The fact that these last remaining residual combinations have not have a hit yet, then it's obvious the will come out sooner or later. I don' agree totally. It's true that at times I re-assigned late comers status to "hot" numbers , but it all depends on situations. Normally I check through my results after applying at least 10 filters and if these have a high frequency of "hits" in the past, I will upgrade their status to "hot".

If you go to my previous posts you would have re-called that I have a category called the "black hole" numbers. Indeed these numbers exist. Whether we like it or not, a game of chance is still a game of chance. If the numbers follows a mathematical rule, how nice my job will be. For it will become PREDICTABLE! But it's not predictable.

If after filtering, there seems to be no real good chance for these late comers of possibly getting a hit, I will regard them as a "black hole". It will then not worth your while to "brood" these numbers. You are better off playing a set of new numbers.

When I mentioned 4D has a better chance of you hitting, it is because these combinations and groupings do not come out so fast. In about weeks period, only 60% of our chosen numbers of maybe 10 groups may have already have a hit. No doubt the remaining 40% may or may not contain a "black hole" number. But by now we are only left a small handful of numbers. So if we "boxed" these 2 or 3 numbers, we have a very good chance of bagging a winner. As always, during the "harvesting" period filters have to be applied to wage only on the good ones. Like harvesting apples, we discard "over riped" and not "well formed" fruits. We only sell nice, rounded and juicy apples.

How to find the patterns for these 4D numbers .......

How to Pick 3D Lottery Numbers.

How to win 3D lottery and how to pick 3D winning numbers? We don't simply pick but rather deduce the equation more to our favour. That is to say, we move or should I say increase our winning chances very much higher so the chances of hitting a small jackpot is more real and not just a mere guess.

I share my methods below which I use EVERY TIME when playing the 3D and 4D game. Its a very good system and you will find you WILL get some winnings every now and then. Of course I am at a better position because as I have said before, I feed my numbers into my programs to weed out those undesirables. It also details the numbers-grouping individually and give me a breakdown providing me information detailing "% probability of a hit" for each number, "period of harvesting" (it just mean when it should be coming out). When the "fruits are ready for picking", then will I put in my wager. Just use my system for the time being and practice "picking good numbers".

Here is the current draw for 3D Damacai for June 2009. Look at it carefully and see if you find a give-away pattern you can identify.

In Damacai there are 3 draws every week unless there is a "special draw" usually on a Tuesday. All draws must be included in order for this system to work. When you analyse, always pick 6 draws period. After you have found your "pattern" you pick winners from a 3 draws period. If you go beyond this threshold, other patterns re-appear and confuse your actual pattern which you want to play.
A Pattern Has Been Identified!
If you have not seen a pattern, here is the pattern. In any given draw, my grouping is always there. This group of numbers are 2b1s/2s1b.
2b1s - 2big 1small
2s1b - 2small 1 big
In every draw there is either a group belonging to 2b1s or 2s1b. In the 6 draws, 6 winning numbers belongs to 2s1b and 7 winning numbers belongs to 2b1s.
If we were to play this grouping, we would have won 13 times! Even if we just play either 2s1b or 2b1s, we would have won at least 6 TIMES! On average that is once in every draw. So if we just play either 2s1b OR 2b1s, we are almost GUARANTEED a "hit" in every draw. Playing 2big 1small is easier than playing 1/10,000 numbers! The next stage is "filtering". This is where my programs kicks-in. It goes through 3 YEARS of data and start "kicking" out those numbers that shouldn't be there. The result is a group or series of numbers that shows 80% and above probability. Sometimes it can be 5 to 10 numbers but its much, much better compare to 1 in 10,000.
Unfortunately my programs are NOT for sale either now or in the near future. However, I will sell my E-Book which includes more in detail how its done and many other methods which the program incorporates which YOU can emulate without the program. If you are a computer programmer, you will be able to write your own to do the same chores. If you want a set of 10 numbers "filtered" by my programs to play, you can submit a donation of US5.00 here. Numbers are good to play for up to 3 weeks after which the probability drops gradually. Countries which uses Pick3 and Pick4 systems MUST provide me with 15 draws result up to the current draw or your donations WILL not be accepted. As a BONUS in my eBook, buyers will be able download from an underground site an expensive lottery program which I consider very good. You can add in your own draws data in any country to predict winning numbers for Pick3, Pick4, 6/49 Lottos (or any other Lottos). No guarantee the site will allow you in without recommendations. Any donations of $10 will get a third party recommendation and set of 10 numbers. Rejection by the site will get your $5.00 refund back.
My eBook should be ready by August and I will also give away 3 of my earlier version programs. It still does the same thing like predict numbers, checking frequency or computing probabilities and percentages of "hitting a winner". It was written in Qbasic language. You can alter, modify or do whatever you want and keep it and sell as your own program under your own copyright. Or you can buy it now for $9.90 and I will send it to you. Its easy even if you don't know programming.
Please take note the guides and methods used here does not constitute a guaranteed winning in ANY lottery games. Lottery being a game of chance is not hackable, nor can any programs guarantee winning. It merely increases a person's chances. Play at your own discretion. And form of gambling is strongly discouraged unless for fun and entertainment.
Happy Winning!

How to choose Winning numbers.

How does one choose a number that will have a very good chance of coming out in the next draw?. Many of us will just use a random number; others will base on certain events such as birthdays, weddings, etc...

But the most significant of all these methods and its accuracy, you really have to give all the credits to those " seasoned " punters. From my experimental " data crunching " in the early years of my programs, many of the patterns that keep coming out to determine which methods or groupings that one should play reflects the similarity that these punters used.

Which method should one adopt to acquire the high probability of cashing in on a winning number? If you are a punter, you will know that you cannot pin-point a particular number as a winning number. There always will be a "pattern". In other words, one has to put in a few dollars extra to " catch " that " winner ". All these holds true, for this was what my programs indicated when showing me a pattern that is worth investing.

Laying out the "Net"

I call it netting for obvious reasons. Since we know for certain that we can't really predict a winning number, we can try to net that elusive winning number from a " winning group" if we are quite certain that winning group has a probability of 80% and above.

Let's give a simple example.

If I say the " Winner " is in a group with 100% probability, you would go for it.
But when I tell you this grouping comprises of 10,000 numbers, you will think twice!

Now, if I tell you the " Winner" is in a group with 80% - 95% probability, you may go for it.
And if I tell you this grouping has only 100 numbers, what would you say? It is much easier to get a " Hit " with this group than the other.

The Wheeling Method.
The "wheel" is the most common method among punters. It produces many "winners" in 3D, 4D and lotto games. In fact, if one has to play Toto's Jackpot6/42, Super 6/49 or Mega 6/52 or any other lotto games, this is the only recommended strategy. It gives you a higher probability and if you need an even higher probability, then you MUST form a syndicate. Individually you cannot afford a " wheel " to have a very high winning chance ( usually picking 20 numbers out of 42, almost half of all numbers !)

That is why punters and lottery programs uses this so much to emphasize their winning success methods.

There are many types of wheels and each has their own guarantees.

Here I am giving you a "free wheel" to play for 3D numbers.
Of course there are other wheels with different guarantees.

Choose any 5 numbers. Replace the alphabets with your chosen number.
It should give you a minimum of 2 correct numbers if you you have 2 in your "pick"

Choose your 5 numbers A, B, C, D, E



How to play: If play straight at $1 per number- cost- $5.
If Boxed at $1 per number - cost - $5 x 6ways = $30

If requires wheel for 6,7,8 or 9 numbers, please email me. Will appreciate a donation if you like my post.

Make Big money

Prove of Payment

$3.00 pays $2,000,000!

RM28,000.00 payout

Hope best of luck.

Articles worth reading ...

Make money with $3.00

Make Big Money.

Make Rm28,000.

Note: The author does not encourage gambling of any form. Articles posted are for information purposes only. The author holds no liability for its accuracy or any guarantee for any play, methods, pattern outlined in the above post.

The Numbers Game - Luck or Skill ?

Art of Numerology - Toto, Magnum, 3D

Many of us has tried out the "game of numbers" at least once in our life. In schools, community games, public gatherings or betting shops. But most of us just "guess" the numbers, be it a 1,2,3 or 4 digits. Of course there are other variants but we shall not go into it.We are only trying to analyse the simple logic of increasing our chances of correctly "predicting" certain numbers or sets of numbers.How do we choose a set of numbers?

Either one or more of the following methods.

1. Base on our birthdays.
2. Using house addresses, street names or numbers.
3. A lucky number from an "unlucky" car accident. (Popular Malaysian method)
4. Consult an "expert" or a "medium".
5. Use a "number generator" tool.
6. Simple guessing.
7. Analyse past records and patterns.

FACT - Any of these methods do not guarantee the outcome of PREDICTING numbers ! PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND.

The global financial crisis we are facing now has taken a toll on all of us. So if you think you can become rich by splashing your hard earn money on numbers betting game then I feel sorry for you.I would advice you keep it for good use and if you really want to try your luck, take only a small amount out and play smart thus increasing your chances. It is not easy to predict numbers! Con-men in this game is precisely that..........they are "con-men" not numerologist! If there is a way, would anyone tell you? Las Vegas casinos will close down tomorrow if one is that smart.HOW TO PLAY SMART.Most people just guess because they do not know how to analyse datas.

I started computing at college and later University of London. I was reading Particle Physics and later on, Engineering. Bill Gates just started a program called "Windows". Nobody in our computing class was interested because it uses too much "ram space" on our microcomputers. To purchase an additional 1k of ram was pricey. My desire was to have additional Eprom chips because it was programmable and non-volatile. For your information, Windows was free then. I had an Ohio Scientific with only 8k ram. I wrote many games ( checking book, space invaders, poker, snake, virtual intelligence where a computer "talks" back and answers any questions you ask him ,...etc...etc.... besides utility programs all under 8k of memory. At the same time I also started writing a program to analyse and predict numbers to see if indeed it is possible; just for fun.

Year after year I improved on my program and now I use it as a tool. Still changing and improving it every now and then ( you need to because it changes patterns every so often). The analytical data results tells me which groups of numbers will have a very high chance of appearing and which group will not.I am not teaching you programming but just to let you know nobody knows how to predict numbers. Not even my programs. But knowing I have a better chance of hitting a set of numbers pays off and I do have had many payouts with my programs.You don't get rich but you stand a better chance of hitting a Winning in Magnum, 3D or Toto 4D or lotto.

I will tell you how to analyse certain groups of numbers to increase your chances so you will not simply throw away hard earn cash in my next blog. I will tell you what I have learned from my analytical data so you can analyse yourself to stand a better WINNING CHANCE.

Things you MUST know before throwing away your money.

1) Repeating digit numbers (e.g. 1111, 4444, 5555) has a lesser chance of coming out.
2) All ODD or all EVEN numbers has the same fate as repeating numbers.
3) Never GUESS a winning number. You are not GOD.
If you want to, then don't play.
4) Always look for patterns in each draw. (It determines whether you win or lose)
5) Never place big amounts on only one number but spread out to increase your chances.
6) Believe your own methods but learn from others.
7) Recently drawn numbers seldom come out again so soon
8) There are "black holes" in certain groups. Avoid black holes altogether.(more on these in next blog)
9) Don't "brood" a number for too long. Brooding means playing same number until it appears.
10) Save some of your winnings.Do not splash it all on the next draw.

Next blog will elaborate more on :-

1) how to read analytical datas
2) how to make a simple "numbers generator" - smarter !
3) how to choose winning numbers.

Subscribe to my feed for regular updates and NEW Methods of winning.

I am also writing an E-BOOK on my findings from my programs. It explains the oddity and peculiarity of this numbers game. Some said there is a " formula " to play the game; yet others said they can predict numbers.Are they telling the truth ? Is there any truth in their claims?Is there really a simple way to understand and hopefully find a simple answer to better our chances of WINNING ?Can a number repeat itself ?Is there really " Black hole " numbers ?Will a number eventually appear if I keep buying the same number?Is there a method we can use ?How do we tell which groups are a better bet?All these will be in my E-Book and some other things you never really believe either.There are lots of programs (which cost a fair bit too ) claiming they have found fool-proof methods. I have tested many of them and one or two of these impresses me. The rest are not even worth mentioning. Which are they? Can we win Lotto games ? I will let you know when the book is finished. It reveals many of the " scams " and how they prey on our vulnerability. Like I said some are pretty good.

Wish you BEST of LUCK with your numbers! I hope you win often.

Read ~~ Big Money $$- small outlay.

Post by Allan.

Want to win 3D,4D or Lotto games?

Can we actually WIN these games?
I Won 3D !

I Won Magnum!

I Won Toto!

How can we win lottery games? Can we actually win at these games?

Do you want to win the lottery games?
Then just read on and find out.
First, a little story. I used to know an elderly lady who enjoys going to casinos. She said she had so much fun because she knows how to pick a winning number always! I ask her how she knew. She coyly smiled at me and said " That's my secret young man !"
I found out later she lays a bet of $1 on every number on the casino table! I questioned her the logic of such a move. She ask me back " Have you ever picked a winning number?". I replied " Once in a while". She continued and remarked, "See, you are not as smart as I am! I ALWAYS picked a winning number!".
The difference between her and us are that WE are greedy and she is out for fun. It is this difference that gives us the high odds. If the odds are lower and if we have a better chance of coming up with a winner, then we feel happier.

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